Forex Strategy

Downtrend stacks of golden coins and the dices cube with the word SELL. Financial chart as background. Selective focus

This forex strategy is simple and accessible to every trader. Its name speaks for itself, namely: “The formula of profit while traveling.” Author of this strategy took as a basis the fact that if a trader traveling, he has the possibility to make online trading. In this strategy, you can select any time period, and you can trade many currency pairs. However, experts argue that it is possible to trade with this strategy, not only currency pairs, but also in the market of futures or stocks.

It should be noted that the parameters of the stop-loss should be set at the level of 15-20 points. But using this strategy can not be accompanied by position.

Experts also recommended exposing the individual items for each transaction, as the profit margins can be quite different.

It should be noted that this strategy does not always come out profitable and smooth transaction, so the trader should always remain in a comfortable time frame for it.

When to make a sale?          

The candle that is formed must fully complete the process of formation, and only then you can make a sale. «Force Index» should fall, and «Parabolic SAR» must be above the price chart.

Thus, this Forex trading strategy is quite lucrative and successful, but the trader should take into account all the nuances of working with it and adhere to the recommendations regarding the entry or exit from the market.

This forex strategy helps to reduce the fear of a trader using Forex elimination of unprofitable operations and be sure about Volatility and Profits. The strategy does not imply the use of “stop-loss”. The basis of this strategy is the search for the laws of ─ in the direction of the currency pairs.

Most currency pairs ─ this mapping each other, but they can not repeat exactly its direction, so you should make the opening of forex transactions on two pairs at the same time. Take Profit should be 20. In the event that one of the operations has brought us a profit, we will immediately open a new one. The order is worth an additional opening in the case, if the price moves against us.

Strategy involves certain bonuses in the form of swaps for the Forex trader. The size of these bonuses is small, but it is always nice to receive such kind of gifts to the common Forex profits. It should be noted that when using this strategy, you need to know all the rules and basics of money management; otherwise you may suffer a major setback.

Entry time:

If you have not carried out a specific analysis of the market, then we should not try to enter the Forex market. In order to implement the opening of the first order, you should wait for the shutter down on the daily images and only then open the Forex trade. It is recommended to wait a while until the trend changes.

Thus, we see that the proportion of risk present in the forex strategy. Fluctuations in exchange rates can be significant as a result of some news or market events. Therefore, you should only trade with such amounts that you can afford and try to withdraw money once a month.